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Become A Professional Dealer.
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Poker dealer school

Are you looking to do something fun and exciting?
Becoming a Professional Dealer may be the right choice for you.

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In-Person or Online

The Mizrachi Dealer Academy offers an online or in-person
professional dealer course. Our course is State Board of Education certified and taught by highly qualified instructors with decades of industry experience.

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Enroll in our Day classes.
6770 Stirling Rd,
Hollywood, Florida 33024
PHONE: 954.963.3777 or Email

About US


Flexibility, that's what this online course is all about. Watch and learn at your own pace! Sample our professional online dealer course videos or learn how easy it is to enroll by clicking here


casino dealer school

Our course offers training in the most popular poker games.
Graduating students will possess the skills necessary to work in casinos
or card rooms anywhere in the world.

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Professional Trained Dealers

Our course is designed to produce confident and employable dealers.
To make it easy for you, we offer both onsite and online open enrollment.

Preview a sampling of our online course.

  • Up Pitching

  • Spreading

  • Cutting

  • Bank

  • Omaha High Low

  • Getting The Job

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Before our careers as Professional poker players, we were Professional poker dealers.
It was where our careers got started and where we solidified our passion for the game.

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Our Amazing Instructors

The instructors at Mizrachi Dealer Academy have a combined 25 years of experience as professional poker dealers. Rest assured that you will be taught by only the best.

Michael Mizrachi poker

Michael Mizrachi


Starting off as a Professional Dealer, lead me to become successful in all aspects of life!

stacy taylor poker

Stacy Matuson


Becoming a Professional Dealer opened up a new world of business opportunities and I love the excitement!

Robert Mizrachi poker

Robert Mizrachi


I used to be a very introverted person, choosing a dealing career helped me to come out of my shell.

A Message From Our Instructors

What Students Are Saying

As one of the premier Casino Dealer Schools in the US,
a certificate of completion from our board certified course is a recognized and
valued document, that can open a multitude of employment doors.

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Best Dealer School

By Far the Best Dealer School!

"If you are looking to become a poker dealer, MDA is by far the best training out there! Originally, I was intrigued because of the Mizrachi name, but once I walked in and met Stacy, the head instructor, I knew this was the school for me!"

Josh Dinkel Father of two

student at the Mizrachi Dealer Academy

I highly recommend this school

" to anyone who is serious about making this career choice! The head instructor, Stacy, has been in this field for 20+ years and works with her students one on one. She is a great teacher and makes sure that you have all the qualifications necessary to pass an audition at a casino. The school is experienced, professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of poker dealing. I am so pleased with everything I have gained from this school and it met all my expectations!".

Elizabeth Watson Student

Best Dealer School

The Dealer School to succeed!

"Stacy's passion & experience is unmatched. She truly cares for her students & pushes them to succeed."

James Michael Ross Professional Poker Player

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Read More About Us

These FAQ's are designed to provide a better understanding
of how our course works and how easy it is for students to enroll.

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When you click on a topic, the group of Q&As related to this
topic and/or scope is displayed, first with the FAQ's and then the Q&As.

Is the Mizrachi Dealer Academy accredited?
YES. We are certified by the Florida Board of Education for Professional Poker Dealing.
How much does it cost?
The cost of our online course is $849.00 USD. You will also need to purchase some additonal course materials, such as a felted poker table that seats a minimum of 6 people, 2 decks of Chem cards, a cut card, a dealer button, a case of clay poker chips and an inexpensive tripod for your camera, which is helpful to keep your practice videos steady.
You can purchase these additional required course materials on your own, or as a convenience the Mizrachi Dealer Academy has prearrange and prepackaged this for you, for a cost of $599, plus delivery. Please click here >> to purchase this prearranged package.
Can I get financial aid?
Presently because of the low cost of getting certified through our online program, we do not offer financial aid.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Money Orders, Checks and Money Wires.
Is there an age requirement to take the course?
Yes, you must be 18 years of age or older to take this course. We reqiure a valid driver's license, state ID or passport as proof of age.
How long does it take to complete the course?
120 hours is required. After each video, practice time of 4 hours minimum will be requested and required to complete these hours. Inability to perform these practice hours will undoubtedly show in your videos sent to us each week. So depending on the hours your schedule will allow you to commit to will define how long it takes you to complete the course.
There is a time limit to complete this program. After being accepted, you will have 12 weeks to complete the program. After 12 weeks from your acceptance letter, your log in will no longer be valid and can be repurchased at a 50% discount off the regular price.
Will there be instructors to help me and how do I contact them
Yes, we are available through email correspondence to answer any questions you may have and our school number is 954.963.3777, Monday - Thursday 11am-5pm Eastern Time
What course materials will I need to take the course?
Once your enrollment application has been accepted, you will have access to download our course catalog, however you will need to purchase a felted poker table that seats a min of 6 people, 2 decks of Chem cards, a cut card, a dealer button and a case of clay poker chips and an inexpensive tripod for your camera, which is helpful to keep your practice videos steady.
You can purchase these additional required course materials on your own, or as a convenience the Mizrachi Dealer Academy has prearrange and prepackaged this for you, for a cost of $599, plus delivery. Please click here >> to purchase this prearranged package.
How do I get started?
Getting started is easy! If you were interested in our online program fill out your enrollment agreement and e-mail us a picture of your drivers license. Send in your payment. Once approved your file videos and course instructions will be available to you immediately to begin. If you were interested in attending our land school in Hollywood Florida, please contact us at 954-963-3777 to get started.
Do you help with job placement?
We do not. It is virtually impossible for us to do placement for everyone in the U.S., however, getting certified by Mizrachi Dealer Academy holds weight in its own right due to our brand and casino familiarity with our name.
It is important to note that in order to work in a poker room, you must live near one or relocate near one. We do require as part of our student base and as a graduate, once you are hired as a poker dealer, you must notify us by phone or email for our official records.
What will I receive upon completing the course?
You will receive a professional certified diploma for the course of Professional Poker Dealing by the MIzrachi Dealer Academy.
Will I be able to use Mizrachi Dealer Academy certification to work in my state?
Yes, our course is techniques and the most popular games found in all of the United States. Your training with us certifies your training in the field no matter what state you live in.
Will it be more difficult to learn poker dealing through an online program?
Hands on training is very effective at our academy, we highly recommend that you attend our physical school in Hollywood, Florida if you are able to, however online training allows you not to have to make arrangements to stay down here and gives you unbeatable flexibility to take the course at your own time (day or night at any hour)and at your own pace. Watching videos, focusing and practicing your expected hours and feedback from your instructors will make it a very smooth course for you.
Do I need a computer for my program?
Yes, a computer is needed. You must be able to connect to the internet. You will also need to download Skype and other programs, as there will be video sessions with your instructor.
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If you are interested in enrolling for our course either
in-person or online and have a question, please contact us via email or by phone.

Mizrachi Dealer Academy

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